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Hi, my name is Elena Serditenko, but you can call me Liris. Painting is my life and I'm happy to share my works with you all.

"Sonic the Hedgehog - Child of the Green Hill" (comics) Artwork:
The Frontier World (Warps of Confusion). by Liris-sanReturn to the Azure Lake by Liris-sanChild of the Green Hill - Characters - Height by Liris-san
Sonic the Hedgehog - Child of the Green Hill cover by Liris-sanChild of the Green Hill - Reunion cover by Liris-san 'Thank you!' - Sonic and Dr. Kintobor -  by Liris by Liris-sanAquatic Ruin by Liris-san
Kintobor's Death by Liris-sanLegends of Angel Island - The Wind Warrior by Liris-sanLegends of Angel Island  - The Guardian by Liris-san
"Origin" and "Reunion":
Child of the Green Hill_Prologue_1 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapter 1 - The Launch Day - 1 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapter 2 - Faster than the Wind - 1 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapter 3 - The Delicate Balance - 01 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapt4 - Celebration of the Planet 01 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH - Epilogue - 01 by Liris-sanReunion - Chapter 1 - 01 by Liris-sanReunion - Chapter 2 - 01 by Liris-san

Ecco the Dolphin fanart:
Now the Ocean is Conscious... by Liris-sanMedusa Attack (Ecco - The Tides of Time) by Liris-sanThe Moon above the Dark Sea by Liris-san
The Metasphere by Liris-sanEcco the Dolphin - Fall of Atlantis by Liris-sanAsterite's Song by Liris-sanThe Future Dolphin s Game - by Liris by Liris-sanThe Tides of Time (Ecco the Dolphin II - Ending) by Liris-san

Return to the Sky by Liris-sanCurbing the Chaos by Liris-sanAs Long as the Fantasia is still alive... by Liris-sanBattle by Liris-sanWhispers of the Maridia by Liris-sanWhy do Fireflies die so soon?.. by Liris-sanSimba (black paper and coloured pencils) by Liris-sanTheir Voices Must be Heard in the Ocean by Liris-sanOn the shore of Klyazma by Liris-sanA quiet pond. by Liris-sanDucks at the Seraya River by Liris-sanGreetings from the Dolphins (etude) by Liris-sanBlack Sea Common Dolphins by Liris-san

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The Unfulfilled Dream - Robotnik Family by Liris-san

The small sketch of an alternate events.
This is my opinion of what should've happened if GUN didn't shutting down ARK's activity and kill Maria and Gerald Robotnik.

Important note: I mean the universe of "Child of the Green Hill" comics in this sketch.

The age of characters in this picture: Maria Robotnik is 30 years old, Gerald Robotnik is 80 years old, Ovi Robotnik is 24 years old.

-Maria and her cousin, Ovi, became part of the scientific staff of ARK.

-Maria has not fully recovered from her illness and was forced to wear device that supports her life.
-Ovi's parents kept the surname of Robotnik (as I explained earlier, the change of surename to "Kintobor" was a necessary measure after the ARK tragedy).
-Shadow became quite cheerful and sociable hedgehog. :) The Project "Ultimate Life Form" has brought enormous benefits to people.
-What would happen to Sonic in this scenario is a good question you can think through it yourself
-Will the being that was born in the Warps of Confusion (which became Dr. Eggman in the original story of "Child of the Green Hill") find another way out or will it choose Ovi as its victim again is another mystery.

Overall I think that this alternate story is a good foundation for new ideas.

Alternate Universe - Maria and Shadow by Liris-san Alternate Universe - Maria and Ovi Robotnik by Liris-san

Зарисовка на тему несбывшихся событий. 
Что было бы, если бы проект "Искусственный Хаос" не сочли угрозой для человечества, космическая колония ARK не была закрыта GUN, а Мария и Джеральд Роботник не были убиты? Вероятно, в одном из альтернативных течений времени, все бы выглядело именно так.

Примечание: здесь рассматривается вселенная комикса "Child of the Green Hill" - sonic-greenhill-child.blogspot….

Возраст персонажей на рисунке: Мария- 30 лет, Джеральд Роботник - 80 лет, Ови Роботник - 24 года.

-Мария и ее двоюродный брат, Ови,стали частью научного персонала ARK (на радость дедушке :) ).

-Мария не была полностью избавлена от своей болезни и была бы вынуждена носить на себе устройства, поддерживающие ее жизнь. 
-Родители Ови сохранили фамилию Роботник (как объяснялось ранее, смена фамилии на "Кинтобор" была вынужденной мерой после инцидента с ARK).
-Шэдоу стал вполне жизнерадостным и общительным ежом. :) Сам проект "Высшей формы жизни" принес огромную пользу людям.
-Каковой будет судьба Соника при таком раскладе - интересный вопрос, который каждый может дофантазировать сам.
-Нашла ли сущность, родившаяся в Хаотичных мирах (ставшая в оригинальной истории Эггманом), иной выход,  или же ее жертвой опять станет Ови (что, если Хаос заранее подготовил для него такую участь?) - опять же на ваше усмотрение. 

В целом, события в этой альтернативной истории также создают неплохой фундамент для дальнейших идей.

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