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Hi, my name is Elena Serditenko, but you can call me Liris. Painting is my life and I'm happy to share my works with you all.
"Sonic the Hedgehog - Child of the Green Hill" (comics) Artwork:
The Frontier World (Warps of Confusion). by Liris-sanReturn to the Azure Lake by Liris-sanLullaby for Sonic (Sonic 1 Special Stage) by Liris-san
Sonic the Hedgehog - Child of the Green Hill cover by Liris-sanChild of the Green Hill - Reunion cover by Liris-san'Thank you!' - Sonic and Dr. Kintobor -  by Liris by Liris-sanIce Chase by Liris-sanThe Bright Happy Days by Liris-sanGreen Hill Zone by Liris-sanFrom Heaven to Earth by Liris-san ARK Children by Liris-san
The Frozen Land - Ice Cap by Liris-sanStarlight by Liris-sanLegends of Angel Island - The Wind Warrior by Liris-sanLegends of Angel Island  - The Guardian by Liris-sanWarps of Confusion (gouache, colored pencils) by Liris-san Sky Sanctuary by Liris-san
The Story of Ovi Kintobor:
The Islands by Liris-sanEncounter with the Guardian (for The Story of Ovi) by Liris-sanI Remember You! by Liris-san
Grandson of Professor Robotnik by Liris-sanGerald's Verdict (for The Story of Ovi) by Liris-sanThey are Singing! by Liris-sanIkwii s Gift (The Story of Ovi) by Liris-san
Memories - The War (for the Story of Ovi) - 2 by Liris-sanTime-limit Failure by Liris-sanGreen Hill at Dawn - The Escape to South Island by Liris-sanWork is in Full Swing! by Liris-san
"Origin" and "Reunion":
Child of the Green Hill_Prologue_1 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapter 1 - The Launch Day - 1 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapter 2 - Faster than the Wind - 1 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapter 3 - The Delicate Balance - 01 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH Chapt4 - Celebration of the Planet 01 by Liris-sanSonic-ChotGH - Epilogue - 01 by Liris-sanReunion - Chapter 1 - 01 by Liris-sanReunion - Chapter 2 - 01 by Liris-sanReunion - Chapter 3 - 01 by Liris-sanReunion - Chapter 4 - 01 by Liris-san

Ecco the Dolphin fanart:
Now the Ocean is Conscious... by Liris-sanMedusa Attack (Ecco - The Tides of Time) by Liris-sanThe Moon above the Dark Sea by Liris-san
The Metasphere by Liris-sanEcco the Dolphin - Fall of Atlantis by Liris-sanAsterite's Song by Liris-sanThe Future Dolphin s Game - by Liris by Liris-sanThe Tides of Time (Ecco the Dolphin II - Ending) by Liris-sanThe Song of Confusion (Ecco the Dolphin) by Liris-sanVortex Kind by Liris-san

Return to the Sky by Liris-sanCurbing the Chaos by Liris-sanAs Long as the Fantasia is still alive... by Liris-sanBattle by Liris-sanWhispers of the Maridia by Liris-sanWhy do Fireflies die so soon?.. by Liris-sanSimba (black paper and coloured pencils) by Liris-sanTheir Voices Must be Heard in the Ocean by Liris-sanOn the shore of Klyazma by Liris-sanThe Coast by Liris-sanA quiet pond. by Liris-sanDucks at the Seraya River by Liris-sanGreetings from the Dolphins (etude) by Liris-sanBlack Sea Common Dolphins by Liris-sanA girl and a dolphin by Liris-sanLearning to Fly by Liris-sanA Gentle Sea by Liris-sanFree Spirit by Liris-sanDolphin's World by Liris-sanFollow Us by Liris-sanWatercolor Dream by Liris-sanSoul Accumulator by Liris-san
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I've finally finished my work on "Diaspora" watercolor series. This won’t be the last fan art on "Obduction" but I think it's a good time to share my impressions with you.

"Obduction... What this game was like?
It was like a Seed that came from another dimension. A Seed filled with astounding and gloriously light.
Obduction is more than just a journey. It's like a dream bordering on reality, it's like a reality bordering on dream. This journey leaves a lot of thoughts to ponder. Silent at first sight, the four worlds are actually telling us a rich story that continues in your mind even after ending the game. 
"Obduction" gave me a lot of inspiration and I hope to express my thoughts, my feelings of this story with my brushes and paints. 

"Diaspora" series includes four paintings: Maray the green shelter of Villein, Soria the once living world of Mofang, Kaptar the home of Arai and Hunrath the small Eden of humans.

The Pulse of Maray by Liris-sanMy Heart Soars (Soria) by Liris-san
The Shards of  Ages (Kaptar) by Liris-san Welcome to Hunrath by Liris-san
The sketches of "Diaspora series" -
I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did. : ) Trailer -
"Obduction" created by Cyan, 2016.

Теперь, когда работа над "Диаспорой" завершена, настало время поделиться своими впечатлениями.
Так что же такое 
Это Семечко, которое прилетело с иных миров и, раскрывшись, поразило светом удивительным и неземным.
Obduction стал для меня больше, чем просто путешествием. Это одна из тех игр, которые возможно действительно ощутить, почувствовать. Она и сон, граничащий с реальностью, и, одновременно, реальность, граничащая со сном. Безмолвные, на первый взгляд, миры на самом деле рассказывают очень насыщенную, продуманную историю, которая находит продолжение уже в твоем сердце, в твоих мыслях, спустя какое-то время после прохождения игры.
Но, помимо всего прочего, Obduction подарил мне массу вдохновения, и я надеюсь постепенно передать его посредством кисти и красок.

Cерия "Диаспора" включает в себя четыре сюжета: Марай - цветущее пристанище Виллейнов, Сория - некогда живой мир Мофангов, Каптар - дом Араи и Хунрат - маленький рай людей.

Эскизы для "Диаспоры" -

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flying-cuttlefish Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your gallery is absolutely magical, I hope my watercolor skills will end up being half as good as yours some day!
Liris-san Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you for the kind words!
I take this opportunity to
tell you - flying-cuttlefish.deviantart.c… - I'm very impressed by this painting!
flying-cuttlefish Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aaaw, thank you!  That means so much coming from someone as skilled as you!  <3
foxheadTails Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Thank you for joining MysicCaveZone-Tails :D
methaneridge Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017
Excuse me
Do you know anything about Kairu the Dolphin MS Agent assistant, especially the 2000's 3D render? It seems that once, it was a known asset in Japan, but now is forgotten... it has in it a symbol (gears), that was also present in DotF, hence I'm interested
Liris-san Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
No, I'm sorry. I don't know about him
Flamehog Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I gotta say it. This one of the greatest things I have ever seen. I love your Sonic stuff and that comic, I've yet to closely examine you're Ecco artwork but I can see its just a good.
Liris-san Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!
Natsumi-Nyan Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh my..your art is Godly! ;v;
Liris-san Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!
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